Friday, March 21, 2008

March 22 - 2008

Man, I had a great run today. I've been slowly ramping up my running mileage and today cut loose with a solid 13 miler. Nothing huge but a big step up from 8 miles last week. We have PLENTY of snow here to ski on but i just can't do it. Skiing is faster, more fun, easier on the body, and just better for you... but there is something about the pure simplicity of running I love too. Shoes on and go. Plus, i feel like i get a better workout - the running endorphins are definitely better for me. The natural drug. The iPod has made running a bit more interesting too. Purists say you should listen to nature and your breathing and your thinking. But, something about Greenday jamming in your head sure motivates me better. 125 days to the MARATHON. I'm feeling psyched already.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16

Its march 16th and STILL winter. We went down to grand rapids this weekend to hang out with our neice and nephew while my sister and her husband were out of town. On saturday there it was 50 degrees, sunny, and almost all snow was gone. We were outside with just a sweatshirt on. today, sunday, we headed back home to snow heaven - GAYLORD. man, we still have a ton of snow. Its piled up so high by our front door that harrison can climb up on top of the bird feeder and just sit on it !! Dang. Well, only 13 days and we'll be sitting on the beach in sunny florida - here we come 80 degrees !! When we get back i'm hoping at least a big bunch of this snow is gone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm the track coach at GHS. Our season started Monday and we are stuck running in the hallways. Its boring with a capital B. But, what are you gonna do? Its 30 degrees and snowing out, icy, and windy. No way we're going out. Nuh-uh. It is so boring to run 40 laps around our hallways. 40 laps = 5 miles. yuck. Give me sun, give me trails, give me tress, bushes, grass, dirt, birds, rocks, hills, up, down, left turns, right turns, ponds, more trees, and wind.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Well, its almost spring and that's a special time in the ski world. At this point in the ski season the sun has gotten high enough and strong enough to change the snow particles to refrozen speed bullets. At Hanson Hills today i skied for 2.5 hours on the perfectly groomed trails - it was so fast i had a hard time even making myself work at it - pure fun and enjoyment. Soon, it will get warm enough to get off-trail and go wherever you want. Crust skiing allows you to effortlessly glide right across the surface of any field, through the woods dodging trees, or across lakes. good stuff.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gotta run !

March means its time to start thinking runnning - and that's just what i did today. I've been gradually squeezing in a run here and there for 30 minutes at a shot, but today i bumped it up to an hour. Just easy, not pushing at all ... just runnin'. That's whats nice about having TWO sports - running and skiing. When you get sick of skiing skiing skiing, the season is over and its time to run. When you get sick of running by November, the snow flies and you're on skis. Perfect combo. Running is also nice because of the simplicity. Put on your shoes and running clothes and go. No waxing, no driving, no broken poles, no trail conditions, no ice, no klister, just running. And, as of today, only 147 days until the GRAND ISLAND TRAIL MARATHON #4.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Just in from a great ski. 16 degrees, 7pm, lights on at Aspen Park, solid tracks. I pulled into the parking lot and noted a few random cars. I popped into my skis and with a push i was down the tracks and up the first slight incline. As i came up I saw him - the Hox !! I could immediately tell it was him. He's on spring break and we skied together about an hour. It seems like it was just yesterday when he was a fragile little 10th grader learning to ski. Now, here he is, 4 years later skiing right along no problem with me. Pretty cool. I hope he has discovered his life long sport...

Monday, March 3, 2008


Sunday it was 20 degrees and lightly snowing in the morning, by bedtime it was 32 degrees and raining lightly, this morning it was raining hard and 42, by 3pm it was icy and 23 degrees. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH michigan weather.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Black Mountain

Well, yesterday the Black Mountain 34k cross country ski race was anything but black. Try 27 degrees and blazingly bright sunshine with perfectly groomed tracks. It's been icy the last week or so but, luckily, we picked up about 6 inches of fresh snow, making for amazing skiing conditions. tons of hills make it a difficult course but they are laid out so that you get a nice downhill right before many of them and only have to climb the last bit of the hill before the top... Whoever laid out those trails did a great job.

Don't know where i placed in the race, but when you're 42 who cares !! when my father was 42 he was having open heart surgery leading to a triple bypass so i'm on a mission to prevent that.

Anyway, Denny (one of my old high school buddies) won the race. That guy is a classic skiing animal built for the double pole. It was also nice to see all the people i used to race against. Great meal afterward too. all in all it was one of the best ski days i've had in a long time. In fact, it was exactly two years to the day since my last race - which is finishing right now - the vasaloppet in sweden!