Sunday, March 2, 2008

Black Mountain

Well, yesterday the Black Mountain 34k cross country ski race was anything but black. Try 27 degrees and blazingly bright sunshine with perfectly groomed tracks. It's been icy the last week or so but, luckily, we picked up about 6 inches of fresh snow, making for amazing skiing conditions. tons of hills make it a difficult course but they are laid out so that you get a nice downhill right before many of them and only have to climb the last bit of the hill before the top... Whoever laid out those trails did a great job.

Don't know where i placed in the race, but when you're 42 who cares !! when my father was 42 he was having open heart surgery leading to a triple bypass so i'm on a mission to prevent that.

Anyway, Denny (one of my old high school buddies) won the race. That guy is a classic skiing animal built for the double pole. It was also nice to see all the people i used to race against. Great meal afterward too. all in all it was one of the best ski days i've had in a long time. In fact, it was exactly two years to the day since my last race - which is finishing right now - the vasaloppet in sweden!

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