Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gotta run !

March means its time to start thinking runnning - and that's just what i did today. I've been gradually squeezing in a run here and there for 30 minutes at a shot, but today i bumped it up to an hour. Just easy, not pushing at all ... just runnin'. That's whats nice about having TWO sports - running and skiing. When you get sick of skiing skiing skiing, the season is over and its time to run. When you get sick of running by November, the snow flies and you're on skis. Perfect combo. Running is also nice because of the simplicity. Put on your shoes and running clothes and go. No waxing, no driving, no broken poles, no trail conditions, no ice, no klister, just running. And, as of today, only 147 days until the GRAND ISLAND TRAIL MARATHON #4.

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