Friday, March 21, 2008

March 22 - 2008

Man, I had a great run today. I've been slowly ramping up my running mileage and today cut loose with a solid 13 miler. Nothing huge but a big step up from 8 miles last week. We have PLENTY of snow here to ski on but i just can't do it. Skiing is faster, more fun, easier on the body, and just better for you... but there is something about the pure simplicity of running I love too. Shoes on and go. Plus, i feel like i get a better workout - the running endorphins are definitely better for me. The natural drug. The iPod has made running a bit more interesting too. Purists say you should listen to nature and your breathing and your thinking. But, something about Greenday jamming in your head sure motivates me better. 125 days to the MARATHON. I'm feeling psyched already.

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