Sunday, April 13, 2008


One hour and twenty five minutes of running today. In fact, i'm fresh outta the shower and my heart is still pumping a bit from it. If there was some way to measure it, I'd bet i'm still under the influence - of endorphins, that is. The runner's high is a wonderful thing. You enjoy music, your senses are acute, you are euphoric in general. Happy. Smiling. scientific research shows that runners are nearly immune to depression and we can eat like pigs.

My run today was one of my normal spring routes. I never do this route in the summer because its all roads. No trails to run yet so i'm stuck with pavement. In about 2-3-4 weeks the woods dry up and i'm off-roading it. trails rule. pavement drools. The saying doesnt really work like that but you know what i mean.

I had hoped to jump into the Bayshore 1/2 marathon in 7 weeks but i checked the other day and its full. dang. Oh well, there are a host of other shorter races i can use to tune up the speed. Us old guys need the speed. What's the saying? "Speed Kills (those who don't have it)"

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