Friday, April 25, 2008


Ah, yes, snow is gone. The trails at Aspen Park are 100% clear and ready to go. We've run them a few times for track practice and the mtn bikers have been there too. with a few weeks of work now they're cleared of downed branches, deadfalls, etc. tomorrow I'm ready to hit 'em hard. I've done a 12 mile run so far this spring on the roads, but 12 miles at Aspen Park is a whole different story. Its much harder, twistier, turnier, hillier and easier on the body. All that beautiful soft ground soaks up the pounding and makes you work more muscle groups. Last week I did one loop in 49 minutes. Tomorrow I'm hoping for one loop in 51 minutes, the next in 49 minutes. One easy, one harder. The nice thing is, i can stop after the first loop, hit the van for a quick drink and a GU and off i go again. Not having to carry water/gatorade with you is a definite plus.

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