Tuesday, April 8, 2008

to the TRACK

tomorrow is our first true interval workout of the young track season. usually i just try to sit back and time them and watch the runners, but this year i might jump in and punish myself a bit too. As you get older it gets more and more and more difficult to do the anaerobic work needed to get speed. speed kills us old guys. its painful and tough. I can run for 2-3-4-6 hours at a slow pace with a heart rate of 130bpm. Give me one 800m at 2:30 and i'm shaky and wobbly and ready to puke. yuck. These young kids on the track team have so much natural speed though, its scary. They can crank out these intervals like nothing. My 3 hour run, for them, would be deadly however !!

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boneman said...

That's the way....bring them into your game!
There are several facts about getting older that we had heard when slowly aging, but after a point, suddenly weeks become days.

So, here's what to look forward to....
When you gotta "go" you better get going because you gotta go!

The distance to your feet will increase as you grow older, and the taller you are, the more exagerated this effect will be.

That's what I have so far.
This year I turn into steak sauce...(57)....and I'm being dragged KICKING and SCREAMING every inch of the way!