Saturday, May 24, 2008

OK !

i got a bit crazy at the start, too much adrenaline and went out at 6:40... but then 647, 656, 702, 659, 703, 657, 708, 712, 706, 700, 711, 700 for a 1:32:01 final time. That's an average of 7:01. I think if i'd have gone out at 7:00 to start with i could have pulled in the last miles a bit faster and gone sub 7's for an average. Perfect day, 45 deg at start, no wind. perfect.

Friday, May 23, 2008


What does a marathon runner call a half marathon? SPEEDWORK. I'm off to TC early tomorrow morning for the Bayshore 13.1 mile half marathon. I've done the marathon a couple times and it wipes me out for a good 2-3 weeks. so, this year i'm trying the half to just get a good hard workout in. I'm HOPING for 7 min/mile and i think i could have done it if i hadn't been sick about two weeks ago. I lost 5-6 days of training and haven't been on a long one since.... so we'll see. 7:10's will be acceptable, but any slower and I won't be a happy camper.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wow, busy busy busy

i see i havent posted since may 4th. wow. busy time. end of the school year, track meets, track meets and more track meets. more posting more running soon !! the years almost over.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

16 miles of fun

Today was the Bayshore training run. Runners had the choice of 12-16-or-20 miles. Out and back course with aid stations. Running Fit in TCity put on the event. For $10 you got a t-shirt, Gu, gatorade, water, aid stations, fellow runners, bagels, and cookies. Now that's a deal !!!! Sweet. I started off with a group of 4 runners cranking out 7:15-7:20 miles ... soon the leader was gone and the only one left that i could see was an older dude about 30 seconds in front of me. By the 8 mile turn around I almost caught him but he kept going for the 10 mile turn around. I tired a bit on the way back in but still held 7:30-7:35 miles. 1:58:30 for 16 miles. Not bad at all, I'll take it ! This afternoon I still feel pretty good too.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

off to TC

Well, tomorrow the TCTC (TC Track Club) is hosting a 16-20 mile bayshore marathon race prep "training run." For $10 you get GU at aid stations, water, gatorade, companion runners, bagels at the finish and a great route to run. I'm heading over. can't wait ! It is sometimes difficult to grind out a 16-18 miler on your own but with a crowd it should be much easier. Hoping to crank out 7:30-7:45 miles for 16 miles total. That would put me about where i hoped to be training-wise for the GRAND ISLAND MARATHON (which is only 12 weeks = 84 days away). supposed to be a bit breezy, but the ridge of the peninsula and the trees will shield us from that. It IS a perfect race course...