Sunday, May 4, 2008

16 miles of fun

Today was the Bayshore training run. Runners had the choice of 12-16-or-20 miles. Out and back course with aid stations. Running Fit in TCity put on the event. For $10 you got a t-shirt, Gu, gatorade, water, aid stations, fellow runners, bagels, and cookies. Now that's a deal !!!! Sweet. I started off with a group of 4 runners cranking out 7:15-7:20 miles ... soon the leader was gone and the only one left that i could see was an older dude about 30 seconds in front of me. By the 8 mile turn around I almost caught him but he kept going for the 10 mile turn around. I tired a bit on the way back in but still held 7:30-7:35 miles. 1:58:30 for 16 miles. Not bad at all, I'll take it ! This afternoon I still feel pretty good too.

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