Tuesday, June 17, 2008

18 miles down

Well, my 18 miler went well. 50 minutes, 49 minutes, 49 minutes for the three loops at aspen. I felt horrid on the first lap - weird how that happens, but then on #2 lap i felt great. Lap three was just holding on. In fact, i got a bit tired and fell down twice on the roots at Aspen. They'll get you when you're tired. Sunday afternoon i still felt fine and finished painting Harrison's room ... nice to have a good day following a long workout like that. So, 2:28 of good running. Might do one more long run if Hervela wants to do Jordan sometime in the next couple weeks. But, not its on to speed - today should be my first one - THinking of doing a 3 mile time trial. We'll see if the rain and cold and wind lets up a bit before venturing outside just yet though. It is summer and 51 degrees - geez.

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