Sunday, August 10, 2008


just back from our 4 day trip, here's the two of us just starting the hike (43 miles of fun) and ANDREW on the GRAND PORTAL. His, and my, favorite spot. amazing trip.


Sarah said...

I've been wanting to do this trip before the summer is over. How is the terrain? I'm having much difficulty finding a hiking partner, is it safe to do solo? What was your average miles per day? You've left out all the good details! Do share more!

32 degrees said...

I was rather brief on my blog because we hiked from Thursday through Sunday, drove home immediately and then left again Monday with the GHS XC team for more running and hiking fun at Pictured rocks !! For our "hike" portion we averaged 10-12 miles per day, with ultralight packs and equipment - my son carried about 25 pounds and I carried maybe 35 pounds (mostly food so it got lighter quickly). Terrain is not too difficult - maybe a couple climbs of note, but nothing serious. the portion from mosquito to chapel is tricky with lots of roots and takes a while but we still did 12 miles that day no problem. Solo? yes, for sure I'd say. Lots of nice people and i saw at least 5-6 solo hikers. Partner? Geez, you know they need a "Hiker partner" wanted page or something so you can enjoy this with someone - my son loved it. Hope you can squeeze it in - its definitely hikable well into september, maybe October if you're lucky. good luck !!