Sunday, September 28, 2008

lazy lazy lazy

Since august i've been a lazy pig. once my high school team's xc season starts i get lazy. Its tough to find the time to train when you spend most of it behind a watch, timing them, encouraging them, chasing them, etc. But this weekend i got back at it with two nice hour runs. the leaves are changing, the temps are dropping, the outside smells great. its good to be back at it. today i was treated to 54 degree temps, some geese flocks headed south, lots of orange and yellow and red leaves, a wet packed trail and a great big lunch after my run. doesnt get much better than that. I should have probably gone rollerskiing to prep for ski season, but i just dont have the enthusiasm for off season work as i once did. I'll stick with running exclusively until the snow flies.

Friday, September 12, 2008


this picture has nothing to do with running, skiing, mtn biking, camping or being outside in mi. but, it is humorous.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today i got owned at the CHX MUD RUN. Its been a 5 weeks since my marathon and i've been pretty lazy. Most of the kids that i beat at the Alpenfest run beat me bad today ... oh well, that's how it is when the XC season starts. I'm in great shape in July, they aren't. In sept/october i start to fade (too little time to train properly) and they get fast because its XC season. 21:30 for 5k stinks. hahahaha. I did notice this older gentleman in the pic owned me too - but I must admit i've got a better beard growth going.