Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Resolution

I'm in the same boat i was in last year at this point. A wimpy fall (coaching just takes my competitive testosterone away), too much holiday spirit (great food !!), too little time (school, work, kids, Bball games, etc.), and low motivation ... but, January 1, 2009 (wow, weird) is just around the corner. I'm motivated already just thinking about it. My general plan, as it was last year, is to hit it hard at the new year, eat right, drop about 10 pounds, do some short races, end the ski season at the Black Mtn 30k classic race then run my butt off. The spring will end with the Bayshore Half Marathon like last year, then some long runs, speed tuning in June and July and the Grand Island Trail Marathon.


wizardofcause said...

Hmm...Bayshore...May...I think I might just have to give that a shot. Nick Allen went 2:21 last year, could be a good (small) field to make something fast happen.

32 degrees said...

flat, fast course, average race day temp 55 degrees, perfect.