Wednesday, December 31, 2008

skiing random thoughts

man, skiing is so much better than running. today i went out for a 1 hour 25 minute ski. And, this was after about a month of very little training of any kind and eating like an absolute pig over the holidays. I took about 30 minutes nice and easy then found a perfectly groomed little 600 meter section and hammered it. Felt good, skied back to start then hammered it again and again and again. Its so fun to go fast, tuck around corners, glide down a slight hill, hammer another corner, then skate in to the finish. so fast, so free, so non-jarring (like running). Of course, skiing takes time - waxing skis, driving to a groomed area, getting the right clothes on, rewaxing, blah blah. running is nice because you put on shoes and go right out your door. But, on the best day, skiing beats running hands down. You can be totally out of shape and go out and cruise to a great ski for 2 hours. good stuff.

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