Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi temp of only 14deg F again today... not above 20 for a week again. BRRRRRR. 138 inches of snow to date and only 2 days above freezing since December 18th. That's cold. Well, at least we have good skiing snow - for classic that is. Pretty solid tracks and easy kicking.

Noquemanon last weekend. Got a nice trip report from Dell, Denny and Jerry. I'm in next year. Going to get in a couple races next year and train a bit more seriously for skiing next summer - its called rollerskiing. I've got to get ready for the 45 year old age bracket in 2 years - Noque, Vasa, and Birkie time !!

Keep the ice off your beard and happy skiing. (pic above is the 60km mark of the Swedish Vasaloppet in 2006, cold day, nice kick !!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

skate vs classic skiing

Saturday was 2 hours of classic, Sunday was 2 hours of skate. Which is better? From a pure aerobic, burning calories standpoint I think the skating is better. For me, its easier to go hard hard hard and keep the tempo up in skating. With classic you spend a lot of time double poling and its just not as complete of a workout. Saturday I also had a slight lack of kick, not due to the wax temp but my laziness in refusing to stop and rewax a bit longer. With skating you can get moving VERY fast ... my best 50k skate race is around 2 hours flat - do the math on that you runners, that's FOUR minutes per mile average (15 miles per hour !) With classic its all about getting in a groove and feeling the rythm. Anyway, both days were awesome. Great snow, perfect conditions, groomed exquisitely.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wax Bench

What's your wax area look like? Home made wax bench here, two 2x4's nailed together with supports along the length of the ski, wooden home-made clamp. Shelving above and below for wax, iron, etc. More shelving on either side for other assorted man stuff. Motivational bibs on the wall from cool old races back the day.

Hanson Hills

Man, is this place great or what? I had a great hour classic, followed by 1.5 hours of skating. 100% perfect grooming and great, solid tracks. Love it. Cheap season pass, Butch (and ?? who else?) grooming, lots of familiar faces on the trails.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Harrison, age 6 is an all-out, full on hardcore sledder.