Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi temp of only 14deg F again today... not above 20 for a week again. BRRRRRR. 138 inches of snow to date and only 2 days above freezing since December 18th. That's cold. Well, at least we have good skiing snow - for classic that is. Pretty solid tracks and easy kicking.

Noquemanon last weekend. Got a nice trip report from Dell, Denny and Jerry. I'm in next year. Going to get in a couple races next year and train a bit more seriously for skiing next summer - its called rollerskiing. I've got to get ready for the 45 year old age bracket in 2 years - Noque, Vasa, and Birkie time !!

Keep the ice off your beard and happy skiing. (pic above is the 60km mark of the Swedish Vasaloppet in 2006, cold day, nice kick !!)

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