Sunday, January 11, 2009

skate vs classic skiing

Saturday was 2 hours of classic, Sunday was 2 hours of skate. Which is better? From a pure aerobic, burning calories standpoint I think the skating is better. For me, its easier to go hard hard hard and keep the tempo up in skating. With classic you spend a lot of time double poling and its just not as complete of a workout. Saturday I also had a slight lack of kick, not due to the wax temp but my laziness in refusing to stop and rewax a bit longer. With skating you can get moving VERY fast ... my best 50k skate race is around 2 hours flat - do the math on that you runners, that's FOUR minutes per mile average (15 miles per hour !) With classic its all about getting in a groove and feeling the rythm. Anyway, both days were awesome. Great snow, perfect conditions, groomed exquisitely.

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Todd Stockford said...

Whooooh, I do miss the skiing. It's not that I can't do it here but I'd have to drive 90 minutes into the mountains, which isn't feasible right now. But maybe next winter when both kids are in school.
Ran a half marathon last weekend in Phoenix (1:32:17). Felt like I could have gone faster. Also, signed up for a half-ironman in August. Then I think it's time for a marathon...
Cya, Todd