Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Double Pole

Cross country skiing classic style today involves LOTS of double poling. How far can you go just double poling not using your legs? One Vasaloppet skier (Jan Ottoson) had a bad knee and did the ENTIRE 90k (54 miles) JUST double poling. Imagine that. How fast can you go? In this video we're just trucking along at a nice 6:30 minutes per mile pace. Pretty fast pace!!


Christopher Tassava said...

Ottoson was a stud, but last year, Jerry Ahrlin doublepoled the entire Vasaloppet as well, owing to sketchy conditions. He finished third, mostly because it took him more energy to DP the hills in the middle third of the course than the Aukland brothers (who finished 1 and 2) used to stride. Ahrlin paid the price for all that DP'ing, too.

32 degrees said...

Yes, I remember seeing the video of Jerry Ahrlin's bleeding hands ... ouch !! I did the vasaloppet in 2006 and it was one perfect blue extra kick day !! sweet.