Monday, February 16, 2009

Skating - Nordic Style - Skate Skiing

When you mention "skating" to a non-XC skier, they get confused. Ice skating? Do you play hockey? No, cross country ski skating. 99.6% of the population of the USA doesnt know about skating or what it is I think.

I love classic skiing. On the best possible classic day its blue extra and hard track and great glide. But, on the best skating day its ground up ice crystals. See the pic below. We just had 4-5 days of very warm temps (40+ degrees F) followed by 2 inches of snow. Our local ski area ground up the ice a bit and mixed the two, making for rocket fast conditions. Today it was about 10 miles in an hour easily. Heartrate didnt get above 140. Its easy, fast, fun skiing and I think a day like today beats the best classic day. FAST.

Take a look at the pic below. You can see the LONG gliding ski on the right and a long gliding ski on the left. The tracks are only for the classic skiers, or a "skater" who just wants to double pole.

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James said...

Wonderful picture and best day for skiing... I like your idea!!