Monday, May 25, 2009

Canoeing the Sturgeon River in Michigan

GREAT canoe trip today with my son Andrew. We've been doing some dad/son stuff in the last couples years (Pictured Rocks area mainly) and decided to branch out a bit with a local canoe trip down the Sturgeon from Trowbridge Road to North White Road near Indian River. Big Bear Adventures in Indian River set us up with a canoe a quick shuttle upstream with our boat.

Hit the river at Trowbridge Road just south of where the river goes under I-75 at 11:30am, 65 degrees and sunny. Pretty easy trip down to Wolverine where the west branch merges in with the main branch and we stopped for lunch quick. It was about an hour to here.

From here down it was fast and furious with some nice rapids I'd not been on before. Pretty fun. We'd been on the river about 4 hours 15 minutes when we FLIPPED about 200 yards from the van!!!! DANG!! That water is COLD. Oh well, when a trip goes perfectly smooth there's not much to remember. We'll remember this one. Great day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bayshore half marathon

Well, just home from the Bayshore half marathon in Traverse City. I did my usual routine, sleep in the van in the parking lot, board the bus, and take it easy the first couple miles. Hit the mile in 7:22 and pretty much stayed there the whole way. Given the spring I've had I'll take that result. While there waiting for the race to start I saw some of the old running crowd from my serious racing days. Mark Doherty was one of them - we used to road race and ski race against each other. And, we both agreed we've transitioned from serious racing to serious participator. This, however, didnt prevent him from sprint past me in the last 800m of the race. hahahaha Also saw my old high school buddy Max. He did the 10k and then afterward we had a nice chat. Bryan Burns is the race director of the whole deal and got to talk to him too - we'll be both running Grand Island in July. Time to get serious about training now that school's almost over and i'll have more time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Outside in Michigan on the Sturgeon River

Hit the Sturgeon River the other day for a quick 2 hour canoe trip with my high school limnology class. 65 degrees and sunny, perfect. We had about 50 kids in 23 canoes and I'd guess 7 of them tipped over. They thought it was funny until they hit the 47 degree F water. Ouch. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR. One group of gals flipped near a logjam, had their canoe sucked under the jam and couldnt get it out. I had to wade in chest deep and pull it out. I was in the water about 5-7 minutes and I think 5-7 more and I would have been hypothermic. Dang, that's cold. I was gasping for air and panicked a bit when I almost got washed downstream. Once I got out and changed clothes though I was good to go. fun stuff.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I remember doing a post last summer called HAMMERFEST. This is slugfest. Back in February I decided to start my running season a bit early. I'd not been skiing much and felt like running so off i went. I wanted an early jump on the run season so i could kick some serious butt in the Grand Island Trail marathon again. I had a good time last summer and I hoped to crack into the top 10 before i got too old (43 this year !!!!). Well as usual track season (I'm our high school coach) interfered, but that's not a big deal - I can usually sneak in a couple good weekday runs with the kids and have most weekends free. But, the kicker this spring has been sickness. I've had a lingering case of some viral thing that has seriously kicked my butt. Sore throat off an on, runny nose, etc etc - I'll spare you the details. A grand total of 12 runs in 6 weeks is not a good way to start your marathon prep.

Anyway, I am going to try a good decent 10 miler today to prep for my half marathon in two weeks. You really shouldnt run a 13.1 mile race on 20 miles per week training. Oh well, I've crossed the line from COMPETITOR and WINNER to PARTICIPATOR and ENJOYER. It was a difficult transition to make, but if you can do it you enjoy a differnt side of silent sports.

Good news though too. My 13 year old is expressing some serious interest in silent sports. We've got a canoe trip down the sturgeon or pigeon river planned (100 miles of canoeing and camping along the way) and our annual pictured rocks trip backpack. Should be a great summer.