Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bayshore half marathon

Well, just home from the Bayshore half marathon in Traverse City. I did my usual routine, sleep in the van in the parking lot, board the bus, and take it easy the first couple miles. Hit the mile in 7:22 and pretty much stayed there the whole way. Given the spring I've had I'll take that result. While there waiting for the race to start I saw some of the old running crowd from my serious racing days. Mark Doherty was one of them - we used to road race and ski race against each other. And, we both agreed we've transitioned from serious racing to serious participator. This, however, didnt prevent him from sprint past me in the last 800m of the race. hahahaha Also saw my old high school buddy Max. He did the 10k and then afterward we had a nice chat. Bryan Burns is the race director of the whole deal and got to talk to him too - we'll be both running Grand Island in July. Time to get serious about training now that school's almost over and i'll have more time.

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