Monday, May 25, 2009

Canoeing the Sturgeon River in Michigan

GREAT canoe trip today with my son Andrew. We've been doing some dad/son stuff in the last couples years (Pictured Rocks area mainly) and decided to branch out a bit with a local canoe trip down the Sturgeon from Trowbridge Road to North White Road near Indian River. Big Bear Adventures in Indian River set us up with a canoe a quick shuttle upstream with our boat.

Hit the river at Trowbridge Road just south of where the river goes under I-75 at 11:30am, 65 degrees and sunny. Pretty easy trip down to Wolverine where the west branch merges in with the main branch and we stopped for lunch quick. It was about an hour to here.

From here down it was fast and furious with some nice rapids I'd not been on before. Pretty fun. We'd been on the river about 4 hours 15 minutes when we FLIPPED about 200 yards from the van!!!! DANG!! That water is COLD. Oh well, when a trip goes perfectly smooth there's not much to remember. We'll remember this one. Great day.


Anonymous said...

Mr.K, Jealous with envy that you have already canoed the sturgeon. My friend and I plan on traveling down it in a few weeks. Glad you had a great adventure, and great photo's!

32 degrees said...

gonna top this trip later in the summer with a trip down the black from source (tin shanty road) to lake huron in cheboygan. 100 miles and 2-3 nights of camping along the way. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

You are going to have such a blast on he black...every try the pigeon? Very exciting, best to do in early summer when the water level is high. There are a few rapids and damns on this river that make it a blast to canoe. We did 72 miles in 2 days from sturgeon bridge to mullet lake. Intense..even found a few good rainbow trout holes!