Thursday, May 14, 2009

Outside in Michigan on the Sturgeon River

Hit the Sturgeon River the other day for a quick 2 hour canoe trip with my high school limnology class. 65 degrees and sunny, perfect. We had about 50 kids in 23 canoes and I'd guess 7 of them tipped over. They thought it was funny until they hit the 47 degree F water. Ouch. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR. One group of gals flipped near a logjam, had their canoe sucked under the jam and couldnt get it out. I had to wade in chest deep and pull it out. I was in the water about 5-7 minutes and I think 5-7 more and I would have been hypothermic. Dang, that's cold. I was gasping for air and panicked a bit when I almost got washed downstream. Once I got out and changed clothes though I was good to go. fun stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Mr.K, Saw you ventured over to my blog :) I am adding you to my fave's, you were always one of my favorite teachers (about 10 years ago)...a canoe trip with 50 kids, you are a brave man!
Amanda Roach (Pugiel)