Sunday, May 10, 2009


I remember doing a post last summer called HAMMERFEST. This is slugfest. Back in February I decided to start my running season a bit early. I'd not been skiing much and felt like running so off i went. I wanted an early jump on the run season so i could kick some serious butt in the Grand Island Trail marathon again. I had a good time last summer and I hoped to crack into the top 10 before i got too old (43 this year !!!!). Well as usual track season (I'm our high school coach) interfered, but that's not a big deal - I can usually sneak in a couple good weekday runs with the kids and have most weekends free. But, the kicker this spring has been sickness. I've had a lingering case of some viral thing that has seriously kicked my butt. Sore throat off an on, runny nose, etc etc - I'll spare you the details. A grand total of 12 runs in 6 weeks is not a good way to start your marathon prep.

Anyway, I am going to try a good decent 10 miler today to prep for my half marathon in two weeks. You really shouldnt run a 13.1 mile race on 20 miles per week training. Oh well, I've crossed the line from COMPETITOR and WINNER to PARTICIPATOR and ENJOYER. It was a difficult transition to make, but if you can do it you enjoy a differnt side of silent sports.

Good news though too. My 13 year old is expressing some serious interest in silent sports. We've got a canoe trip down the sturgeon or pigeon river planned (100 miles of canoeing and camping along the way) and our annual pictured rocks trip backpack. Should be a great summer.

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