Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outside in Muncie, Indiana

Well, i'm here in muncie indiana. Flat, farmland, with few trees and lotsa roads. Not really an outdoor mecca. So today after class (I'm learning how to become an AP Chem teacher) I went for a run. Planned a 30 minute easy jaunt out and back on a main road. But then I turned right and found some nice country roads, then suddenly I found a RAILS TO TRAILS deal just like in Gaylord. I hopped on and found some trees, some birds, a couple rabbits, and nature! No matter how overdeveloped your town, city or area is.... try to find a bit of nature to enjoy. It sure makes life good. Like, life is good. I should make a shirt or something with that saying.

ANd, it was a nice diversion from what was going to be a boring run. Unfortunately, or fortunately??, I got a bit lost on the trail, not sure where it was going to come out and my 30 minute run turned into a 1:40 long 14 mile run!! hahahaha. that's running. could be worse I coulda been lost in rocky mountain national park for 2 hours while my wife planned my funeral or lost in the woods of the UP near Bergland for 3 hours on a mtn bike. (did both of those too)

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