Monday, July 27, 2009

Grand Island Trail Marathon 2009 & Memorial Falls

Picture of Grand Island trying to rise out of the mist on Friday before the race.

Well, its in the books, Grand Island Trail Marathon 2009. My training was up and down all summer/spring but I think I had a good race overall considering my lack of miles, being sick all spring, and doing little speedwork.

Here is the rundown. Arrived in Munising via Bergland (visit with parents) on Thursday to rain and mist and 65 degrees. Friday, more of the same. Slept in the van (wife and kids in camper) so I could get a good nights rest and not wake them up at my 5am wake up call. One cup of coffee, one gatorade, one banana, one powerbar for breakfast. Hit the ferry to the island at 6am. 50 foot walk to the start line and chip timer on ankle. Vaseline and more vaseline. Porta john. Talk with Eric (the eventual winner!! good job man) about the outlook for the race. 7am start and off we go.

Miles 1-6 i felt absolutely horrible. Maybe it has something to do with not running the past 7 days?? Oh well. Gradually I felt better and moved up from 40th to about 30th from miles 7-15. At mile 15 you hit a big hill after a sand beach run. I walk it all the way up and drink water and hit the Gu. At the top you go downhill and I fly and catch all the people that caught me. Its more downhill then some flat for a bit. Then at mile 20 or so another steep, short climb that I walk. Then same plan, fly down and catch the people that are falling off their pace. Picked up 6-7-8 more people here. Caught at guy at mile 23 and couldnt go any more. I sat on him and ran 8:20 miles to the finish, nothing left in the tank and 23rd overall. Not bad considering the MUDFEST that was the trail!! Gotta love Grand Island and Munising in the summer.

So far I've done all five and I'll continue to do this marathon until the old legs won't carry me any more.

We also found a GREAT new waterfall on this trip. Memorial Falls is the BEST waterfall in the Munising area. Park at the corner where H-58 splits from Sand Point road on the hill and the falls is on the south side of the road with a tiny small set of stairs. Amazing hike and waterfall.

Memorial Falls - this picture doesnt even come close to doing it justice.


Anonymous said...

Miles 1-6 i felt absolutely horrible. Maybe it has something to do with not
running the past 7 days??

You just didn't feel good cause running has nothing to do with running :-)

Congrats on getting er done!

We are D2 this year ... so we'll see more of you correct?


32 degrees said...

Hey DonP, yes you will see more of us - Portage, then D2 State finals!