Thursday, July 9, 2009

Autrain Falls and Munising and Pictured Rocks

4 days camping in the UP, ranging from 46 degrees and 30mph winds with rain to 78 degrees calm and sunny. Beauty 'eh.

Also found a new waterfall and sweet river @ Autrain. Autrain falls is sweet! Water cascading over limestone shelves. Be sure to park at the last parking spot by the gate, walk down the hill over the bridge. then, continue down past the power plant on a trail along the river to the end where the two streams merge. wonder if its good fishing? we'll find out next trip!

This pic is "Lovers Leap" just east of Mosquito River.

And here is Anna traversing the lower Autrain Falls.

Finally, here is the far east end of Miner's beach. I bet i have 100 of these pictures, you just can't stop taking them. Of course, that's Finnegan the exploring Shih-Tzu.

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