Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marquette 50 mile and 50k

Brutal! That was my only word I shouted as i crossed the finish line. The low key Marquette 50k was brutal. Hilly (4000+ feet of elevation gain), rocky (granite outcroppings galore with lots of talus), rooty (thick nasty roots to twist your ankle on), and beautiful (along the shore of Lake Superior up Sugarloaf, Top of the World, through Forestville, and lots of the North Country Trail.) Joe Jameson worked his tail off to mark the full course VERY well (I'll admit i was a bit skeptical of getting lost) and had a great inaugural event. I'll post more pics tomorrow and a link to results - I'm still a bit tired!!

Miles 1-10 Easy start, followed by some gnarly rock areas, then nice trail, then hills, then road crossing then Sugarloaf. First Aid station, water, Gu, etc. About 1:32 for me.

Miles 10-20 amazing trail along Lake Superior out to Little Presque and beach, back across road through Harlow Lake area. Another 1:34.

Miles 20-25 BRUTALLY tough this took me about an HOUR !!

Miles 25-30 BRUTALLY rocky rough terrain after easy Forestville roads along the North Country Trail.

Miles 30-32 Easy finish, smoother trail, under the bridge and done.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


4 days of fun in the UP, waterfalls, hiking, running, beaches, great food, late nights, early mornings.

check my "other blog" and you'll see why.