Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov. 28th at Pictured Rocks???

WILD WEIRD WARM WEATHER in Michigan so why not a 10 mile hike at Pictured Rocks? Light dusting of snow here and there but a beautiful hike. Chapel Falls gorgeous, some new views without leaves to cover them up. Grand Portal always a treat. 4 hours, 10 miles with Andrew and Alex. Good stuff.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

North Country Trail - Michigan's UP.

Did a bit of day hiking on the North Country trail in the UP of Michigan this last weekend. November 21st was about 56 degrees, sunny and no wind. WEIRD. Usually this time of the year in the UP is wind, rain, snow mix or last year 12 inches of snow in a snowstorm. Took the family, wife, kids to Cascade Falls. Beautiful 1 mile hike along the "Valley Trail" into the Falls. On the way back andrew, harrison and I took the "Bluff Trail." What a treat - huge views of the Trap Hills to the west and the access road (forest 400) coming in. You don't realize how big some of these UP hills are until you are standing on top of them with a sheer rock face at your feet dropping off 100 feet straight down or so.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today was my first SKI workout - easy 5-6 miles running with poles. Time to start thinking Noquemanon. I've registered already and it will probably be my only ski race of the year. I used to race EVERY weekend. Not so any more. Just lotsa skiing and a trip to Marquette for the Noque. Nice course, great area, beauty 'eh. Plus, going up with Jerry is a treat.

I've got rougly 2 months to prep - hopefully we get snow early and I can get my Hanson Hills pass and ski ski ski.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why working out is so good.

After a great XC season (my boys placed 6th in the state and girls 17th) its time for ME. I put so much into my coaching that i have little testosterone left for myself from september through october. But, now that it's mid November i'm back at it. 4 miles yesterday, 6 today, maybe 8 tomorrow, then gradually work into skiing.

It is simply amazing how quickly the body de-trains itself. Little training leads to lapses in dietary regimens (called junk food binging) and its a downward spiral. Get back on the fitness train and you eat healthy and think good thoughts. the whole word needs to get on this idea.

Off and runnin'.