Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Upper Peninsula snowshoe

quick snowshoe trip on Lake Gogebic with my 7 year old Harrison. North end of lake, just east of my parents house is the remains of my grandfathers old saw mill and dock pilings sticking out of the lake ice. cool spot.

Kick Wax Removal - Klister and hard

How do you remove the pesky kick wax that's built up on your skis?
Are you as cheap as me and want to save money on wax remover? (plus its kind of a nasty chemical that i want to limit my usage of). Here's my trick.

1. Get 2-3 pieces of paper towel and cut or rip in half.
2. Pat down over kick wax on skis.
3. Lightly iron over top of paper towel so wax melts into it.
4. Use an old scraper to scrape wax/towel mixture off.
5. Clean off remaining kick wax with ski wax remover as usual.

this method cuts my chemical wax remover usage in half, if not more.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

good week

been a good week of skiing and snow conditions. perfect blue extra skiing mid week right here in town (Gaylord) and even a day of skiing with the kids on friday after school (see pics) One great thing about skiing vs running is the diversity. with running its legs legs legs. Go hard and long one day with running and you have dead legs the next. Today i classic skied and did like 90% of it double poling, great upper body workout. I went pretty hard too - good stuff. Tomorrow i'll skate the hilly terrain of hanson hills for a leg workout - on FRESH legs. Two good hard workouts in a row, working different parts of the body. This is why skiing beats running. (watch for my july post about why runnig beats skiing).

Pics of me and kids.

Monday, December 14, 2009

ski ski ski

after a fall of little working out, the snow has arrived and i'm back at it 2 hour skate Friday, 2 hour classic saturday, 2:20 skate sunday. good stuff.

picture has nothing to do with skiing (its on the appalachian trail in Tn) but it does show snow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

SNOW - yes we have snow in northern Michigan

FINALLY, its here, skiable snow. YES!!

Funny how easily skiing comes to you. first run of the season? pure pain, soreness, out of breath, sweating.

first ski of the season, laughing, sprinting, exhilarating, pure fun.