Sunday, January 31, 2010

Noquemanon race report 2010

Well, its in the books, Noquemanon 2010. At age 44 I have arrived at the "middle of the pack" skier times. My 83rd place out of 166 male classic marathoners was right in the middle. Four years ago i wax 39th with a solid 3:08, this year 3:30 in slightly slower conditions. Why the drop in performance? Little speedwork and no racing in two years. What's the quote? Speed kills (those who dont have it). Oh well, it was a great day to be outsideinmi so onwards and upwards.

Friday - arrive, head straight to the dome to pick up our race packets some new socks and Gu. Check in to hotel and head to Vango's to eat.

Saturday 645am wake up, at the race by 8am, check skis and decide which to use. My klister skis were not gripping at all and an attempt at adding Rex Power grip to them didnt work. So, i went with my green/VR40 skis and they were great. Lined up in about row 8 and the gun went off. First 400 meters was a relaxed start with a sharp turn and big downhill. I tucked and got moving fast then noticed a huge pileup of 4-5 skiers at the bottom of the hill, i had no chance to avoide them and couldnt stop so i just braced for crashing into them. Suddenly a gap opened and I shot past them all unscathed!! Lucky. The same thing happened again on the next hill and I felt even luckier. Pretty uneventful race from there on out. Lost my wax pretty much at the high point of the course and enjoyed some serious double poling to the finish. Saturday night we went to the awards and it was great to see all the old NMU crowd and MI Cup skiers hanging out.

Sunday - a quick breakfast at Coachlight and home!

Pics are the Noque Finish and the inside of the Superior Dome.

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