Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sturgeon River winter rafting

Well today it was back to the good old Sturgeon River. Took 21 high school students of mine out for some fun. I've done 15+ canoe trips down this section but this is only my 3rd winter raft trip. Kids had fun - they need to do more stuff like this in high school to make it fun. 35 degrees helped keep everyone comfy. Good stuff. (plus got in a good 1 hour xc ski after!!)


Kara said...

That's awesome! Just took my special ed. (K-3) students snowshoeing yesterday! It wiped them out, but they had a blast!!

32 degrees said...

last summer i taught a 9 days summer biology class - 80% outdoor, 20% classroom, field trip after field trip. hoping to do the same this coming summer with a pictured rocks backpacking trip and 15 students.