Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smart Training

So, when you get old and wise you begin to train smarter. After a ski season of ZERO running from November through February you start slow and easy. A 4 miler here a 4 miler there, a couple days off then a 5 miler, then a day off then 4 and so on. 20 miles per week for a few, then 25, then 25, then 30, then 35, slow and easy build ups. This is how you prevent injuries. Running is HARD on your body, it beats you up and breaks you down. So after a hard 12 miler two weeks ago I went for an easy 6 then took a day off. The following day I went for a super easy 9 miler and got a funny little twinge in my right hip. Finished the last 4 miles of the run just feeling weird. The next day it was painful a bit but i pushed through a 6 miler that had a hard 2 mile tempo run in the middle. Well, that did it - a combination of hip bursitis and tendinitis has taken its toll. One run in the last 12 days. Broke down and got on my mtn bike today just to get outside. Doc has me on steroids and vitamin I. Feels good today after 3 days of the meds. Hope to get on track by May 1 !!! 117 days to the 6th annual Grand Island Trail Marathon.