Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Grand Island

What a weird race this year on grand island. Humidity and warmer temps than usual seems to have slowed everyone down a bit. Plus some heavy rains made for some big mud holes to contend with. Either way I had my slowest time ever, but actually a pretty good place (18th out of 300). Started just fine with some 7:45-7:50 miles for the first 5 or so, then the long climb into the thumb got me with a 9:50 and some walking just to save the legs. Hovered around 20-23rd place for miles 5-9 and the beach crossing was fine, no waves this year to contend with. After the beach I walked the next hill again and lost another place or two. From here some long gradual climbs slowed us down again but i maintained my place after stopping to "lighten the load" a bit. One more beach crossing at 15 and then another hill to walk. kept trading spots with jeff gaft of running fit TC and we continued this trend until he passed me for good at mile 24. Some guy went FLYING past me at mile 22 and then at mile 25.5 I saw him again and nearly caught him after he lost his legs. Anyway, pretty good end to a 3:46ish marathon on the island after a TOUGH training spring with a bad hip and a maximum of 39 miles per week. Oh well, next year i hit the 45-49 age group and hopefully can rip it up.


lvt4cats said...

I think the guy who went flying past you at mile 22 was my hubby trying to regain some lost time after a bathroom break in the woods! haha! He said he had to slow way down later - that must be when you almost caught him. Nice job, despite the mud and heat/humidity! You're right, Aspen Park is a great place! I'm glad I discovered it. :-)

-Paula (lvt4cats)

32 degrees said...

Yes, I think that was him! He was flying for sure. That's my normal race strategy for grand island too, take the first 20 miles or so fairly conservative and hammer the last 6 and catch all the people dying out, but it didnt work this year cuz i was dying too!! Guess you have to train more than 35miles per week and the darn hip injury got me too back in april and may. hope u rehab enough to get back to running!