Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grand Island Trail Marathon 2011

Well, its in the books, the 7th edition of the Grand Island trail marathon. I've done them all now and this was my 13th official marathon (or marathon+) distance. My time of 3:59 was not stellar, but let me put it in perspective. In the past I've taper and focused on my best performance possible at this race (finishing with a personal best of 3:20 and 11th place overall) For the 2011 version though I am focusing on an August ultra (NCT 50 miler) so I took a different attitude at GITM. FIrst, i arrived at the island early and went out on a 45-50 minute warmup run of 5.5 miles. Then I pace myself as close as possible to 9 minute miles (the pace i hoped to run at the NCT 50). Both worked well to give me a 4:50 minute run on a beautiful island while still maintaining my streak of not missing the GITM race. Today I feel great, not sore in the least, and in fact I just did a nice easy 40 minute run the day after the race. My coaching rival Eric Houghton won the race in a super fast 2:49 - Congrats Eric!!!!

Here are a few pics of the Munising area I took on a camping/hiking trip the week before the race...

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